KPI Framework + Dashboard Library = Fast, Quality Analytics

General Manager + KPI Framework = Quality Utility Dashboard Design

KPI Framework

KPI Framework with 100s of Utilty KPIs and Dashboard Templates

Bridging the gap between what the General Manager thinks he wants to see and what IT can deliver is often a stumbling block for many Business Intelligence initiatives.

Metro's utility KPI framework and tools allow business users to relate and clearly articulate requirements which are then structured into a proven utility architecture and information design.

Business Sponsors are able to visualize their data in predefined dashboards and reports providing a speedy and rewarding design process.

Some regulatory reports are extremely important and need to be passed up to local/state and federal authorities. This is not something you can leave to a simple report developer; you need utility specific knowledge in order to capture specific KPIs for the various areas of your business.

Over the last 20 years of providing solutions to the Utility industry, Metro has developed a KPI frame work to help utilities group and develop out their enterprise reporting solution.

We have broken down the various business areas, functional areas, and positions found in a typical Utility business then associated certain KPIs accordingly. On top of this we have built out a report library with template dashboards that can "Plug & Play" with your data sources. With this tool you can better implement your enterprise reporting solution and have more focused reports evenly distributed throughout your organization.

Metro Utility KPI Framework: Enable business users to envision and design faster and cheaper.

Utility Dashboard Library = Simple, Fast and Cost Effective Delivery

Utility KPIs

Typical Roll-out Scenario for Utility Dashboard Templates

During the implementation of any new product or service, there is always some chaos on how to get the most out of what you are paying for.

If you start just building things from scratch, you often times will miss the boat on some quick wins with high-level stakeholders. This can cause projects to end or create organizational stress within a company.

By utilizing Metro's report library of templates and a basic fit gap scenario, you can get some quick wins and smooth out your implementation. Our utility report library of templates, in combination with our KPI tree, will help get things moving quickly and effectively.


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