Our Utility Analytics Roadmaps

Analytics Roadmap

Move from "Aware" to "Best in Class"!

How does your utility get from data silos to enterprise reporting?

Not in a single step, but across multiple business areas and many points of improvement. It's complex but can be highly rewarding!

The utility analytics end-state of Enterprise Reporting brings:

Analytics Roadmap

Enterprise Analytics Roadmap

Build your Utility's Analytics Roadmap and manage complexity to deliver the benefits of the desired end-state.

  • Don't build another data mart
  • Define End State or where you want to be and by when
  • Agree and build out enterprise reporting to ONE Common Data model
  • Identify where you are on Analytics Maturity curve. How far along the curve do you want to take your utility? When do we need to get to the end state?
  • Break down the End State into manageable projects to reduce project risk. Higher degree of success for project delivery and moving toward end state. Delivery schedule based on Business priorities.
  • Individual project Business case benchmarked and monitored.
  • Create a Roadmap of the project to deliver short term benefits and build to end state.

We provide roadmap assistance to our utility customers as part of implementation or support services.

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Currently we are offering a Free Live Analytics Trial for 3 Months; to run your business in parrallel and see the value of our predefined utilities KPI framework, role-based dashboards and business content to jump-start your BI initiative.

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