We can help you make the right decision when deciding on your Business Intelligence solution with Onsite BI@S.

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Stay Secure Behind you Firewall

Cloud technology has made a huge splash in the technology world in the last 10 years. While some industries have picked up this new style of technology many are still a bit sceptical on security when dealing with sensitive customer data. Metro Resources has created a onsite analytics service package, Onsite BI@S, which is a software as a service offering without utilizing cloud technology.

The Onsite BI@S analytics service feature:

  1. The flexibility of the cloud but from behind your firewall
  2. Predictible monthly costs
  3. No upfront CapEx
  4. Implementation, Licenses and Developement all included
  5. Expand quickly and seamlessly across the enterprise
  6. Best in Class analytics tools without the sticker shock

Try the Onsite BI@S service from Metro Resources for 3 months for free and run your business in parrallel to see the value!

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Currently we are offering a Free Live Analytics Trial for 3 Months; to run your business in parrallel and see the value of our predefined utilities KPI framework, role-based dashboards and business content to jump-start your BI initiative.

  • Run it live with your data, connect to any source systems
  • Gain access to Self Service BI Tools
  • Industry leading Data Visualization
  • No effort from your FTEs
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