Mining the Value from Your Smart Meter Investment


Example Smart Meter Value Architecture

It takes more than meter reads alone for your utility to make sense of the growing volumes of smart meter data.

MDM analytics can fix some of the immediate pain; i.e. Provide better analytics and self-service data tools on that MDM data.

But it doesn't come close to showing the value of the smart grid investment.


Until the utility realizes this, architectural fact delivery of value from smart meter data will be severely hamstrung.

Our Customer Segmentation and Energy Counseling Services work independently of database technology with references using Oracle, Microsoft SQL and SAP HANA


Metro Resources drives value from smart meter data to directly impact customer satisfaction

Customer Segmentation- Our deliverable is a Customer Database providing interactive slice & dice of your utility's customer base, with detailed meter usage combined with internal billing attributes and external weather data or weather.

  • Our data service facilitates new focused marketing initiatives segmented by attributes in your customer database
  • Improved customer understanding leads to improved customer service & customer satisfaction

Customer Energy Counseling- Our deliverable is a Customer Database enabling cross comparison of usage combined with additional building attributes, weather, and planning data combined and stored in one central repository.

  • Out of the box, fully inclusive data analysis and data presentation to your managers and customers
  • Our data service enables energy counseling services across your customer base
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial energy savings competitions supported
  • Provide Value-added services to your customers without delay

Our Utility Data Service is:

  • Out of the box
  • Fully inclusive data analysis
  • Data presentation to your managers and customers.

We are bridging the data analysis skills gap

You provide:
  • Access to meter and customer data sources
We provide:
  • Software & tools
  • Servers & security
  • Data integration (combine sources and clean data)
  • Data analysis & presentation
You recieve:
  • Customer database to be used for customer segmentation or energy counseling
  • Data analysis of consumption history

Service and Offers:

Customer Segmentation and Energy Counseling Services

Size of Utility(Smart Meters) Cost per Meter per Month
100k $0.08
500k $0.05
For every 1MM $0.03

Check Here to see if you qualify for our free introductory 3 month trial to utility customers that meet the following criteria

Are you....?

  • A US based water, gas, or electric utility
  • Installed <150k smart meters and been live for >6 months
  • MDM installed & live
  • Prepared to share data in HIPPA compliant manner
If so fill out the contact us form and we will get begin the process of showing value from your smart meter investment.

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Currently we are offering a Free Live Analytics Trial for 3 Months; to run your business in parrallel and see the value of our predefined utilities KPI framework, role-based dashboards and business content to jump-start your BI initiative.

  • Run it live with your data, connect to any source systems
  • Gain access to Self Service BI Tools
  • Industry leading Data Visualization
  • No effort from your FTEs
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